Indy’s DIY Garage Grand Opening

DIYgarageliftbigIf you’re in Indianapolis, come check out the new premier Do-It-Yourself Garage grand opening! There will be a raffle, local food and live music for all. The open house will run from 12-8, where you will be able to see the state of the art 5500 sq ft facility and equipment (including multiple Titan Lifts).


You might be asking, what is the DIY Garage? Here’s how they describe their elite services.

“Indianapolis’ own D-I-Y Garage. We provide the space, lifts, tools, and expertise to help YOU repair, upgrade, and modify YOUR vehicle. Our 5500 sq ft facility houses a number of bays with state of the art tools and equipment located off Shadeland Avenue. 
From Oil Changes, to aftermarket Performance, the DIY Garage is your one-stop-shop for all motorsport enthusiasts. Stop working in cramped garages and apartment lots and come enjoy our heated, air conditioned facilities where you can be with like minded car enthusiasts!”DIYgaragelift
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